Pastor has begun a new series of messages based on the Apostle Paul's letter to the Philippians. Join us as we focus our attention of "God's Joy for the Journey."
Bill O'Connor5/5/2019
PH2 - Straight from the Heart

Bill O'Connor4/28/2019
PH1 - Joy for the Journey

Bill O'Connor4/21/2019
EAS19 - The Cross and the Empty Tomb

Bill O'Connor4/14/2019
7W6 - It is Finished … Into Thy Hands

Bill O'Connor3/31/2019
7W5 - Thirsty

Bill O'Connor3/24/2019
7W4 - Forsaken

Bill O'Connor3/10/2019
7W3 - Behold Your Son

Bill O'Connor3/3/2019
7W2 - Paradise

Bill O'Connor2/24/2019
7W1 - Father, Forgive