Join us each week for an extended series of messages from the Sermon on the Mount. Pastor began this series on July 23.
Bill O'Connor10/15/2017
SM9 - Your Path Determines Your Destination

Bill O'Connor9/17/2017
SM8 - A Persistent Faith

Bill O'Connor9/10/2017
SM7 - Pay Attention to Yourself

Bill O'Connor9/3/2017
SM6 - Quit Your Worrying!

Bill O'Connor8/27/2017
SM5 - The Proper Use of Material Resources

Bill O'Connor8/13/2017
SM4 - A Guide to the Spiritual Disciplines

Bill O'Connor8/6/2017
SM3 - Righteousness Verses Legalism

Bill O'Connor7/30/2017
SM2 - The Whole World is Watching

Bill O'Connor7/23/2017
SM1 - The Path to Genuine Happiness