Pastor is now presenting an extended series on the book of Romans - the doctrinal heart of the New Testament. Join us as we examine our faith in depth.
Bill O'Connor7/8/2018
RO8 - What's Up With Israel?

Bill O'Connor7/1/2018
RO7 - The Hope of Glory

Bill O'Connor6/24/2018
RO6 - The Mind of the Spirit

Bill O'Connor6/17/2018
RO5 - Victory Over Sin

Bill O'Connor6/10/2018
RO4 - Building Godly Character

Bill O'Connor5/27/2018
RO3 - Living By Faith

Bill O'Connor5/13/2018
RO2 - Righteous by God's Grace

Bill O'Connor5/6/2018
RO1 - Romans - An Introduction

Bill O'Connor4/29/2018
BL13 - Reaping the Harvest