Pastor has begun a new series of messages for the New Year focused on the Centered, Disciplined and Balanced Christian Life. Follow along to get your walk with God in good shape.
Bill O'Connor2/11/2018
BL6 - Remaining Strong Through Prayer

Bill O'Connor2/4/2018
BL5 - The Importance of Bible Intake

Bill O'Connor1/28/2018
BL4 - God Values Our Uniqueness

Bill O'Connor1/21/2018
BL3 - Living in the Center of God's Amazing Grace

Bill O'Connor1/14/2018
BL2 - Jesus Gives Us Wisdom

Bill O'Connor1/7/2018
BL1 - Jesus Died For Our Sins

Bill O'Connor12/31/2017
NY - Planning for a Great New Year

Bill O'Connor12/24/2017
ADV4 - The Miracle of the Manger

Bill O'Connor12/10/2017
ADV3 - The Miracle of the Method