The holidays are upon us, and pastor has begun a series of messages for Thanksgiving and Advent. Listen in to have your celebrations of the seasons enriched.
Bill O'Connor12/3/2017
ADV2 - The Miracle of the Message

Bill O'Connor11/26/2017
ADV1 - The Miracle of the Moment

Bill O'Connor11/19/2017
THG3 - Count Your Blessings

Bill O'Connor11/12/2017
THG2 - An Attitude of Gratitude

Bill O'Connor11/5/2017
THG1 - Faith Puts an End to Fear

Bill O'Connor10/29/2017
SM11 - Stay Fixed on the Right Foundation

Bill O'Connor10/22/2017
SM10 - Do What You Know You Should

Bill O'Connor10/15/2017
SM9 - Your Path Determines Your Destination

Bill O'Connor9/17/2017
SM8 - A Persistent Faith

Bill O'Connor9/10/2017
SM7 - Pay Attention to Yourself