Pastor has begun a new series of messages on LIFE'S PRESSURES AND PROBLEMS that will deal with many of the things that crowd in upon us as we go through our days. Click on the sermons below to find the Bible's answers to stress, anxiety, lack of peace, discouragement, loneliness and more.
Bill O'Connor11/11/2018
LPP10 - Being Confident in Crisis

Bill O'Connor11/4/2018
LPP9 - How to Handle Discouragement

Bill O'Connor10/28/2018
LPP8 - How to Overcome Loneliness

Bill O'Connor10/21/2018
LPP7 - How to Defeat Depression

Bill O'Connor10/14/2018
LPP6 - How to Recover From Failure

Bill O'Connor10/7/2018
LPP5 - How to Live Beyond Our Mistakes

Bill O'Connor9/16/2018
LPP4 - How to Win Life's Battles

Bill O'Connor9/9/2018
LPP3 - How To Handle Conflict

Bill O'Connor9/2/2018
LPP2 - How to Have Peace of Mind

Bill O'Connor8/26/2018
LPP1 - How to Have Less Stress