Pastor has begun a series of four special messages for Advent as we prepare to receive Christ into our hearts in some new way this Christmas season.
Bill O'Connor12/1/2019
ADV-1 Congratulations … It's a God!

Bill O'Connor11/24/2019
PAR5 - Excuses, Excuses!

Bill O'Connor11/10/2019
PAR4 - The Ungrateful Tenants

Bill O'Connor10/20/2019
PAR3 - Figs and the Second Coming

Bill O'Connor10/13/2019
PAR2 - A Fool and His Money

Bill O'Connor10/6/2019
PAR1 - The Rich Man and Lazarus

Bill O'Connor9/15/2019
ST4 - Preparing for Life's Storms

Bill O'Connor9/8/2019
ST3 - Will the Storm Ever Cease

Bill O'Connor9/1/2019
ST2 - Asleep in the Storm

Bill O'Connor8/25/2019
ST1 - A Whale of a Storm