MISSIONS IS A VITAL PART OF OUR LIVES AS A CHURCH FAMILY, and the Church of the Nazarene is one of the largest missionary sending organizations in the world. Locally we participate in global outreach in the following ways.

Missionary Support

Each Nazarene congregation has a LINKS missionary assigned to their care. LINKS means "Loving Interested Nazarenes Knowing and Sharing." And that's what we do. We send birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards and gifts, as well as special packages of supplies and materials. In addition,we make a monthly contribution to the World Evangelism Fund from which all of our missionaries receive their support.

Monthly Missions Service

On the fourth Sunday night of the month our missionary President, Lori White, brings us an informative lesson about something that God is doing somewhere in our world through the outreach of the world-wide Church of the Nazarene. These lessons are both enjoyable and inspiring.

Regular Missionary Visits

One of our nearly 800 missionaries comes to visit us at least twice during the year. The presentations they bring are always uplifting and challenging.

Worldwide Outreach

Through our connection with the world-wide Church of the Nazarene, we help to support the work of nearly 800 missionaries and missions personnel who labor in nearly 160 different world areas. We're proud to be part of one of the largest missionary sending organizations in the world.