The Marsing Church of the Nazarene was born when homestead settlers experienced a heartfelt need to worship God and to train their children in the Christian faith.

James L. and. Annie Maxwell established a homestead southwest of Marsing in 1909 and moved their family there from Caldwell, Idaho in 1913. They opened the first Sunday School and Bible Study in their home that same year. Their neighbors soon got together to build a schoolhouse on the Maxwell property. The school building was also used for worship. In 1917 area homesteaders built the first church in the region on the E. P. and Susan Andrus property. The Church was organized as the Claytonia Church of the Nazarene on March 17, 1918. Rev. Lewis Hall, a student from Northwest Nazarene College in Nampa, Idaho was chosen as the first pastor. There were ten charter members.

In 1921 the Marsing Brothers donated lots for the church and asked that the congregation move their building into town. A basement was prepared and the facility was moved and set on its new foundation in 1922. James Maxwell, a carpenter, built the pews, which remained in use until 1975. Gas lamps hung from the ceiling until 1926 when electricity came to Marsing.

The first several pastors came from Northwest Nazarene College, and transportation was inconvenient. Most of the student pastors, who had no automobiles of their own, rode the urban trolley that came as far as Sunny Slope just below Lizard Butte. They then walked to the river, crossed on the ferry, and were picked up by whatever family was scheduled to house them for the night.

The need for housing for the student pastors was obvious, and a parsonage was soon built next door to the church. The church and parsonage sat all alone on a large tract of vacant land with Lizard Butte the only thing visible behind the church. The town of Marsing literally grew up around the church.

In 1952,the first shovel of ground was turned on an extended basement between the original church building and the parsonage. The basement was roofed over and used for Sunday School classes until 1956 when the present sanctuary was constructed atop the basement, thus completing the present facility. The church has been remodeled extensively through the years, but the original structure still remains at the south end of the facility.

There have been thirty-one pastors through the years, with our present pastoral family arriving in August of 2001. The Marsing Church of the Nazarene, however, has been a part of Marsing’s history since its beginning, serving the needs of the people of the community and surrounding region for more than one hundred years.

We repainted the exterior of the church in 2014 to keep ourselves looking clean and neat and up to date. And our landscaping has changed considerably over the past few years. But we're still the same loving and caring congregation seeking to reach out to those around us and touch their lives with the love of Jesus Christ.

The church celebrated its 100th Anniversary on Sunday, March 18, 2018.