Photo Albums
Take a look at our great church, view our history in pictures, and look at some of the exciting things that have been happening through the years.
Photo Albums Icon 90 YEARS OF HISTORY
The Maxwell Family Began the Church
The First Church Was Built on Their Property
It Became the Gathering Place for the Region
The Church Was Moved to Marsing in 1923
A Parsonage Was Soon Built Next Door
The Church in the Early 40s
Easter Sunday 1949
New Sanctuary Addition in the Early 1950s
Sanctuary in 1950s
Pastor and Mrs Bynum and Randy
John and Sandee (Bynum) Cossel on Wedding Day
Pastor and Mrs I. W. Dickey
Sunday School Emphasis 1976
The Church in the 70s, 80s, 90s
Pastor Craig White and Family
The Church in 2001
Pastor Bill O'Connor, Cheri and Kira
The Church in 2007
The Church in 2014
The O'Connor Family Today

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George Trent Goes to Work
Way to Go, George!
James Akers Gives George a Hand
Four Sides in Four Days
Takes a Lot of Preparation
Moving Right Along
Keep At It, James!
We Sure Appreciate the Hard Work!
Wow! It Looks Great!
All Fresh and New
Warm and Welcoming for All!

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Our 40 Year Old Pews Were Removed
It Was Long Past Time for a Facelift
Up Came the Old Carpet
Many Hands Made Light Work
The Room Got Bigger and Emptier
And Even Bigger and Emptier
Everything Was Out at Last!
George Trent Refinished our Communion Table
And Our Pulpit
Ken Birch Built a New Home for Our Sound Console
A New Home for Expanded Sound Resources
The Front of the Platform Was Redesigned
The Floor Was Prepared for New Carpet
New Blinds Were Installed
The New Carpet Arrived
So Did the New Chairs - The Same Day!
We Unloaded the Chairs
We Brought them Inside
The New Carpet Went Down
It Was A Huge Job
The Platform Was Carpeted Too
The Chairs Were Moved Into the Sanctuary
They Were Placed In Two Sections
The Final Result is a Joy to Behold!

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Photo Albums Icon OUR 90th ANNIVERSARY
Pastor O'Connor, Cheri and Kira
90th Anniversary Publicity
Fellowship Hall Decorations
Ready for Guests
Preparing the Decorations
Sanctuary Roses
John Cossel Leads Worship
Dr. Steve Borger Preaches
Dr. and Mrs. Borger
Former Pastor Wes Sullivan and Family
Nettie Hanson, Wife of Former Pastor Gene Hanson
Former Pastors Mr. and Mrs. Iral Dickey
Former Pastor Bud Hampton and Family
Former Pastors Mr. and Mrs. Don McBride
Our Pastoral Family Past and Present
The Fred and Connie Hill Family
Great Grandson of Chater Member E.P. Andrus
Anniversary Dinner in the Fellowship Hall
Cheri and Kira O'Connor with Carol Borger
Concert Artists Linnie Doyle and The Hollys
Concert Artist Nick Hylton and Wife Cindy
Joyful Sound Quartet
Concert Artist Paul Ellis
Pete Wilson at the Piano

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We've Repainted and Landscaped
Our New Look is Warm and Welcoming
Our New Sign Invites You to Know Us Better
You're Always Welcome to Come In
Our Pastoral Family Would Love to Meet You
We Would Like to Make You Part of the Family
Our Sanctuary Has Been Newly Redecorated
We Offer a Comfortable Worship Setting
Our New Chairs are Wonderfully Comfortable
This is a Great Place to Meet With God
There's Plenty of Room for You and Yours
Our Building is Handcap Accessable
Our Fellowship Hall is Spacious
There's Room for All
We Enjoy Many Special Events
We Invite You to Join Us and Share the Joy!
We Repainted Again in 2014
And You're More Welcome Here Than Ever!

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